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Ved Bhawan is a progressive organization and doesn't have any policy or doesn't allow its experts to give you wrong hopes. So when our expert has recommended some Yagya, this means he has seen the requirements and the scopes beforehand and he has made sure that in such cases like yours the Yagya would, more or less, but work. In this Jet-era when even medical doesn't guarantee that such medicine or such recommendation of a medical expert would work, it will be illogical to expect a guarantee of result by Yagya when we use cosmic and invisible methods. We do Yagya on basis of our studies, our believes and our experiences about Yagya in several centuries. We do it and we believe it works because the people who did it have majorly reported it working in past. But Ved Bhawan doesn't guarantee that every Yagya would work sufficiently. Nevertheless, at our part, we put all our efforts to make sure that you get maximum possible results. In every Yagya we have methods to make sure that we leave no stone unturned to help you, like a doctor; but even a doctor can't guarantee your life. So let us define here what is our guarantee:   

Guarantee of Performance
As it is only the performance of Yagya that works, we put our full concentration on performance. This means that Pandits are checked and watched that they do everything they have been instructed for and they do it with full dedication.

Guarantee of Qualification
An un-qualified person can't help you even if he performs his best. To do a surgery you need to be a surgeon, this is what we believe. Likewise we check every Pandit's academic and practical qualification firmly before we admit him in our teams. Not only this, we check every Pandit in every Yagya to make sure that he is still good to participate in your Yagya.   

Guarantee of Quantity
Ved Bhawan is the only organization that discloses and gives officially all the contents of Yagya. At the same time we give you the facility to monitor the progress. So we keep you informed what we do for you, why we do it for you and how much we do for you. We always do more quantity of Mantra than promised and never do anything in less quantity even by error. 

$1 Guarantee
Having said all 3 points, we make sure that your Yagya gets performed at maximum performance level, we trust that it will also help you in maximum instance. However the results may differ per situation. These are as described here -

  • Your Planets or problems may be much bigger than the Yagya you did. 
  • You didn't do all Recommended Yagyas. Our Astrologers & Pandits shall only give you required Yagyas. Additional Yagyas are suggested only when you request for it. 
  • Yagyas and your efforts share 50-50 of the target. Failing in efforts or less efforts may cause less or no result at all.
  • You did Yagya for a problem and Yagya worked for it but you got new problem. So that's the way life goes on. You will need to address the new problem with new Yagya. 

So, if we made any error in above said, we guarantee you to do the same Yagya for free. You just and you must pay $1 for yagya to work for you. You will need a certification of error with references, by an academically qualified expert. We will also do this when you say that no results were experienced at all. But hold on, we will not do this because you say this. As you know that we have paid the Pandits for your Yagya and we can't charge them back, we need to be sure that Ved Bhawan still needs to invest several thousands of Dollars in doing a new Yagya for free. We do it to keep you happy and help you again but you need to be reasonable for that and you need to fulfill all conditions said below -

  1. You must wait minimum 1 year to claim such guarantee. HC Yagyas are valid and effective for 3 Years and sometime we see late results too. So do not get nervous in next month.
  2. Make sure that Yagya didn't help you even 1%. If it helped you 1% this means it is in progress. Don't lie just to bother us because we say in Samkalpa that "you claim that Yagya didn't work." So lying with us is finally Lying to God and that may work reversely. For example, you earned money but you claim for not. Then the money you have earned will be waste in natural causes. In another example, you found a partner after Yagya but couldn't marry. Then don't claim Yagya didn't work. You may just need to wait or to do additional remedy. Lying for this may cause you loose your present partner too. 
  3. Don't put your mistake on our head. For example you got a partner but you started fighting with her. This is your won problem. We are not responsible. 
  4. Make sure you performed 100% what desired was for your purpose. Let our experts do not ask a question, which is directly connected to your purpose, and you can't answer. For example, if you did Yagya for a job but you didn't apply anywhere, then your claim shall be simply rejected.  
  5. Make some homework. You need to show something that proves that you tried well for the purpose.
  6. Report timely. Your claim should arrive between no earlier than 1 year after Yagya Completion and no later than 13 months after Yagya completion. We follow these rules exactly like we do your Yagya exactly as per rules. Send your complete claim with evidences by email (contact your adviser). We need 2 weeks to investigate and decide on it. If there are reason to believe that Yagya really didn't work or any error was in Yagya, we will do that once again and free for you.
  7. We do not give any refund of your paid donations as they are already spent on your Yagya.  
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