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Ved Bhawan International
Ved Bhawan International is an Multinational Non-Governmental Organization (NGO, Registration No. 53575 under Society Registration Act, 1860 XXI, Government of India) for education, training, research and services in the most popular Vedic Disciplines such as Veda, Vedic Astrology, Vedic Yagya, Yoga, Spiritualism, Karmakand (Vedic Rituals, Yagya) as well as the languages and cultures related to Veda and Hinduism such as Sanskrit, Hindi etc. The motto of Ved Bhawan is to preserve the authenticity of Vedic Knowledge, to enable common person availing genuine advises and services, to improve qualities of spiritual services being provided, to promote and protect Vedic Scholars in the society and to encourage Vedic Studies. Believing Veda as a natural technique of living, Ved Bhawan encourages adopting laws of nature for a peaceful and bliss life to improve quality of social living and thoughts.

Ved Bhawan
Ved Bhawan International  Yagya Center, India  Ved Bhawan, New Delhi, India

Organizational Structure
Ved Bhawan was conceived in 1970. The formal Ved Bhawan Was founded on 14.9.1997 in Delhi (India). With a very small group of Pandits, Ved Bhawan has grown very much in last 18 years and now is Ved Bhawan International, head quartered in Frankfurt, Germany. Ved Bhawan India is registered with the Government of India, as a Society of Vedic Scholars having seat in New Delhi.  Ved Bhawan India, a registered charitable society, concentrates on Performance and education while Ved Bhawan International is responsible to help members and clients with ultra-professional, un-interrupted communications, services as per Euro-American Standard of quality and codes that is not possible to implement being only in India. While Ved Bhawan organizes Yagyas at its more than 40 Yagya Centers in India and more than 12 Yagya centers abroad, its international affiliates help the world from different countries throughout the world to reach our help to their local societies and individuals. Ved Bhawan International is autonomously organized and run by local people, councils and different partners in respective countries considering members' concerns, local culture, demands and comforts. Ved Bhawan is expanding its centers and partnerships with several organizations in eastern and western hemisphere. While we are expanding our manpower and capacities in India at the same time to help more needy people.


Ved Bhawan brings geniuses from all corners of the world who have gained knowledge, experience and fame

Commitment to Society
Ved Bhawan's services have been specially framed for the local life-styles and social values in different countries. It not only spreads knowledge of Vedic-disciplines worldwide but has gained specialty and experiences in advisory, services & education to make An Astrologer, A Pandit, A Preacher or just a person having general knowledge of spiritualism. The important fact is that even using a high technology we promote human presentation for these types of spiritual services. For example, in astrology you will talk to an Astrologer and not with an automated computer software or IVR or self-acclaimed medium, psychics who have no connection with Vedic Science of Vedic Astrology. We also do not allow our scholars to make general or vague predictions those you normally see on TV, radio or on streets where people make fun of astrological and Vedic knowledge. All what you get with us is live, individual and authentic. Moreover we are committed to our Ancient Sciences, Classical Knowledge & Traditional Presentation and that we keep at every costs. Enjoy it !!

Charity without donation
Ved Bhawan is partially also charitable organization however it doesn't ask or accept donation. So what you pay us or what you donate to us you get a return or service against that payment. While several people make charitable organization to collect donations Ved Bhawan sets an example and have survived for 18 years without having accepted a single donation. Despite of this fact we do charity and we give free services and education at occasions to the people who have no resources.  

Pandits being examined for qualifications at Ved Bhawan   Pandits being interviewed at Sanskrit University New Delhi

Code of Conduct
Ved Bhawan refers always the 'codes of conduct' in its activities and any staff or scholar is not allowed to ignore these codes. As a result you can see that on Ved Bhawan's websites you only have realistic information that are not copied from other places what many Indian or foreign websites do. The articles on our websites are written by scholars and we just don't put anyone as adviser or an astrologer. We designate someone adviser only if he has education and certain expertise & experiences. Any rules or regulations, for example for Yagya, are made in a meeting of at least 14 scholar Astrologers & Pandit. We are transparent, objective and neutral. We believe in right to know for everyone. And at the top, we tell you what we do for you and we do what we say.