Becoming a Partner

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Do you wish helping people in need and also earn rewards for your efforts? Ved Bhawan is then the right choice for you. Specially when you are an astrologer or a Pandit or a spiritual worker, it helps much when you become our partner. Some advantages of being our partner is listed here:

  • When you become a partner you help your friends and clients to reach an experience-rich multinational organization that has been doing Yagya for more than 20 years for the people of 138 countries. 
  • With help of 600+ Astrologers and 3000+ Yagya Pandits we do Yagyas at 44 centers in India and abroad.
  • Ved Bhawan was the first organization to do professional and complex Yagyas and is most popular in the world for Yagyas. 
  • We have invented High Capacity Yagyas and have done since 2007 without a single complaint.
  • When you motivate people to do Yagya you not only help them in problems but also can help you earning up to 25% commission.
  • As Yagya is a spiritual activity it anyway involves you and your client in spiritual activity without additional need of knowledge or investments.
  • And of course your friend or client who gets helped by Yagya, remains thankful to you.   

Ved Bhawan has 2 types of Partnership programs:
Passive Partnership

You do nothing else then sending clients to us and earning commissions. You earn a 10% commission. 

Active Partnership 
Active Partnership means you involve from beginning to end in a Yagya to earn a commission of 25%. For example communicating with clients in your language (if you are in a non-English speaking region), explaining him / her about Yagya in your language, Doing translations, promoting Yagyas and yourself etc. The knowledge, the tools and the support is provided to you from our teams of scholars in your region. 

How to Join as a partner
Joining as a partner is a straightforward process and you can start referrals even the same day. Simply fill up the Partner Affiliation Form, provide your bank details to receive commission and identify yourself. Once you have the Partner No. you are a partner.

Partners invited
Partners are invited from whole world but specially in these regions:
USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Suriname, Guyana's, Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, India, Fiji, Mauritius, Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda. 
UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukrain & Russia.