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What it means being a partner of Ved Bhawan 
Being a partner of Ved Bhawan opens door for you to learn and earn. We train you how to work in uniform way with the teams of Ved Bhawan, you follow the rules and regulations those all others of us follow to mediate between a client and Ved Bhawan. The income you can gain by commission can be more than what you can imagine or expect and usually an income you can depend and live upon. At the same time you get teachings of Vedic Scriptures and not to forget that you are ultimately helping people coming out of problems. So for you it is a win-win solution. 

A partner at Ved Bhawan means you make clients and bring Yagyas, Course and Astrology Service orders. You are rewarded with a commission from 10% to 25% depending on your type of partnership. Ved Bhawan has provisions of 2 kinds of Partnership:

Passive Partner
These are, as the name says, the partners who refer clients to us without involving much in the Process. They can refer clients in any way. As long as they can provide the information on the form to prove that the coming client is due to their referral, they are entitled to a commission of 10%. These partners do not need to participate in any process of Yagya.  

Active Partner
These are, as the name says, the people who actively work to get more clients and get the Yagya done. These partners get a commission of 25% for their hard work. Their task involves all of the followings and failing or refusing any of them can drop their commission to 10%. 

  • Promoting Yagya in own circle
  • Making or translating website in own language if you are in non-English speaking zone
  • Attending clients on telephone, live chat and personally to their comfort in their langauge
  • Taking care that the client pays full and on time including help in sending payments to bank etc.
  • Maintaining correspondence with the clients 
  • Translating consultations and mantra relay in non-English zones

Please note that when you take commission you also must give service to the clients to their satisfaction. Refusing or shortcoming in any of the above may cause you to lose your partial or full commission. 

How to join 
Joining as a partner is a straightforward process and you can start referrals even the same day. Simply fill up the Partner Affiliation Form, provide your bank details to receive commission and identify yourself. Once you have the Partner No. you are a partner.

How do I get paid
After affiliation you are registered with us. Every time you bring in a Yagya you fill up the Partner Referral FormThe information provided on this form tells us that a Yagya is coming through you. Please fill up the form completely and accurately. If your information about the client, his details and the ordered Yagya doesn't match to the order that has been place with us, you may likely not get a commission. This form also tells us whether you want to get your commission paid on your bank or you want to use this fund to do Yagya for yourself or to use in future. This form must be filled up with-in 14 days after Yagya has been booked or before Yagya has been completed, whichever comes earlier. In this case the file closes and you will loose your commission. 

In case if you are not sure that your client will order Yagya and when, don't worry, just fill up the form. We save your form for 1 year and whenever the client comes to us he gets automatically identified by your form and you get intimation about the earned commission. The fund is after receipt of your form and verification of payment automatically credited/transferred to you. Your commission is calculated after deduction of all bank/transaction charges those incur.  When a client pays in installments, your commission is paid or credited only after the last installment has been received. Please note that you earn commission only in a Yagya when you bring it in being involved. If a client books a new or next Yagya but doesn't (want to) involve you in this Yagya, you also don't qualify for a commission in this. But if he comes on your suggestion but he doesn't tell us, then you can still fill up the form telling what you have have suggested and when. If your information matches with the order the commission is paid to you. Ved Bhawan usually gives 10% commission to all members who come directly to us. In case if you want or the client wants to get 10% discount it must be given from your commission. Ved Bhawan can't manage to do Yagya when 75% price is not paid. 

Using your fund
You can get your earned commission via Paypal or via bank transfer. We are legally bound to keep your valid ID in our records. At the time of payment if your ID is missing or not valid, you must furnish it before the payment gets released. At the time of filling up Partner Referral Form you decide whether to get your commission paid or to keep it credited to be used by you for Yagya or any other service at Ved Bhawan. Changing this option later is however not possible.  

Yagya Process
Before you recommend Yagyas to your clients it is necessary to know what it exactly is. You may be a Pandit, an Astrologer or simply a curious person, we don't want you to push someone to do Yagya without his wish and without any requirement. However Yagyas done even by mistake is beneficial for a person but wasting his money and our time will not be pleasant. So please surf some important pages of this websites for common knowledge how the yagyas work. Ved Bhawan is known for it sound-knowledge scholars so don't contradict them with any contrary information. Reading the pages and Yagya lists educates you much about how Yagyas work. After affiliation you will come in contact of a Yagya Adviser in your area who is a knowledgeable astrologer and Yagya Pandit and can guide you and your client at every step of Yagya. He can explain things better than you can so making a conference call helps much in getting Yagyas. the complete Yagya process can be seen here: Yagya Process. You can also come on 24x7 live chat and get help of available consultants who can help you with Yagya and their details. 

For all purposes related to Yagya your reporting should be the adviser under whom you will be working. For all money matters the account department shall be your reporting authority with email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . For all website and member area related matters you should reach to our webmaster via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note that being a partner doesn't mean you become a staff-member of Ved Bhawan. You work like an independent agent. You may only receive a payment after the adviser or the accountant approves it. You may not issue any receipt to client in Ved Bhawan's name. You may also not issue any form of document in name of Ved Bhawan as we issue those documents and invoices directly to the client. If you receive payment on behalf of Ved Bhawan, you must deposit it with-in 24 hours. A Yagya is not paid and shall not start until we receive the payment. We also don't authorize you to take decisions in name of Ved Bhawan. Any of our texts, images or Yagya codes or styles may not be reproduced on any website which doesn't belong to Ved Bhawan. 

If you have questions or doubts, please contact your adviser as he is the person who decides things in Yagya excluding financial matters. Once you get affiliated you automatically get his contact details.