About Vedic Yagya Programme

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Vedic Yagya Programme 
Ved Bhawan is the post popular organization for Yagya and Vedic Yagya Programme is the dedicated Yagya Service of Ved Bhawan. The basic task of this department is to take care of several Yagyas that Ved Bhawan does everyday for several thousands of members hailing from more than 140 country throughout the world. Ved Bhawan was the first and foremost Indian organization to have introduced   

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Yagya Center
Yagya Centers are the basic requirement for a Yagya. So we spend our full attention on selecting a Yagya center for your Yagya. Ved Bhawan has 44 Yagya Centers throughout India. Some are owned by Ved Bhawan and some are the important temples we hire for your Yagya as they have some specific significance. Each center has 2 to 3 groups of Pandits those perform Yagyas for you. A center accommodates 21 to 151 any number of Pandits for your Yagya. Each center is assigned with some permanent staffs to take care of your Yagyas. 


Ved Bhawan brings geniuses from all corners of the world who have gained knowledge, experience and fame

National Council
Ved Bhawan maintains a national council of 20 Ved, 20 karmakand and 20 Astrology Professors who make and revise the rules and regulations of Yagyas and who make or revise the Yagya Packages and their contents based on every years feed backs and researches. They study unique cases and find our what would be useful in that cases. Every year at least once each Yagya and its feed back is revised and customized if required. So you always have the most recent contents of in your Yagyas that work at best in your case.