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Ved Bhawan's Yagyas are packaged under Yagya Codes. Every Yagya correspondence a Yagya Code which is a package of 1 to 3 Yagyas in case of Standard Yagyas and 9 to 25 in case of High Capacity Yagyas. 1 Yagya code denotes 1 specific problem or desire and under this Yagya Package we put most important known rituals and mantras.

1 Yagya in a package addresses one issue and has the mantras and rituals to address that issue. We combine more than 1 rituals to make sure that if one fails, the other should work. Example: in Yagya Code - VY110A - VY denotes Vedic Yagya, 110 is the Yagya Serial No. and A denotes Yagya Category. 

Yagya Codes / Yagya Types

  • VY - Any Yagya code that begins with letters VY denotes Standard Yagyas introduced by Ved Bhawan in 1997. These are also called Vedic Yagyas
  • HC - This denotes High Capacity Yagyas those were introduced in 2007 by Ved Bhawan
  • DY - Denotes Daily Yagyas which we introduced in 2010
  • OY - Stands for Open Yagyas. These are the Yagyas which are loose from the packages and are done on your order

Yagya Categories
Yagya Categories are not optional. The last letter of Yagya code denotes the category and it says how big the Yagya is and how much it costs. So for example VY110A is a Cat A Yagya and can't be done in Cat B or C.

  • Category A Yagyas are for serious purposes problems or desires. This has mostly 3 Yagyas in one package. Most of the Standard Yagyas are Cat A category.
  • Category B Yagyas are for non-serious purposes where you have sufficient time to heal
  • Category C Yagyas for small future problems only and has the smallest ritual

Yagya Price
Price says that this is all what you pay for the Yagya. Yagya price include:

  • Per day honorarium of all the Pandits involved in your Yagya
  • Honorarium of your astrologer involved in your Yagya
  • Daily rent of Temple / Yagya Center
  • Yagya Ceremony Materials
  • Cost of new cloths for the Pandits
  • Daily fruits and food for the Pandits
  • Communication & Arrangements costs of Ved Bhawan

Yagya Hours
Unlikely to anyone else who normally do 1-3 hours daily puja for you, our Pandits contribute their whole day in Yagya. and they do it continuously without weekly leave. To complete the mantra quantity Ved Bhawan's Pandits sit 4 hour daily in small Yagyas and 6-7 hours daily in Standard & High Capacity Yagyas. The our of work denotes how long the Yagya is done. the hours of Yagya is calculated by this formula -

Number of Days x Number of Pandits x Number of hours = Hours of Yagya.
Example = 7 Days x & Pandits X 5 Hours = 343 Hours. We apply here a correction of 23 hours (for eventually less work or pauses) and report 320 in this Yagya.

Stars of Yagya
Stars of Yagyas denote how powerful a Yagya is. Every star gets 20% power. So a 2 star Yagya would work up to 40% and a 5 star would work 100%.
The Star system in High Capacity Yagya is different and has different interpretations. For example, 1 star means 100% results and 7 star means 700%. For example if you are doing High Capacity Yagya to increase your business income 5 times then you should consider doing a 5 Star Yagya. 

Purposes of Yagya
Ved Bhawan doesn't want to make its members too optimistic. So we want you to remain on ground while doing Yagya and be realistic. Yagya is a remedy and remedy only works for the objective. So for example if you have taken medicine of headache, that will anyway not help you in diarrhea. Therefore select a Yagya that is closest to your purpose and do not expect more than what we write there. The Yagya lists are created and maintained by a group of 40 Yagya Professors and 20 Astrology Professors. They have spent time on it since 1997 and have done a lot of researches before they have assembled these Yagyas. Moreover the lists are also revised and edited every year based on your feedback. They have taken care of every word mentioned in Yagya Lists. So select appropriate Yagya which is also sufficient for your purpose. Selecting smaller Yagya for bigger problems can save little money but will be too small to help in this situation. However if you select bigger Yagya even by mistake, it is always good and covers your purpose. There is no system of overdose in Yagya. when you do more, you get more.

Some people may argue, that God is one and if he becomes happy even with small prayers why would you do so much to get big prayers. We make then your concept clear. Praying God is devotion which aims or gets no return. And if there was any return, 98% of people pray God, why they are unhappy. It is actually your good and bad Karma that results in success and failures. By doing Yagya we mechanically increase your good karma which you would have taken perhaps 10 years to generate by doing good deeds. This increment in your good karma results in instant success or a remedy. God has kept this world driven by Karma. He is like a judge, who will not break his laws of karma even if you make him happy by your devotion. In other words if making god happy would resolve all issues then nobody would do anything else then praying God. Praying God is our duty to thank him but in materialistic life, all that works is your material and cosmic karma's. Material Karma, for example study, do it yourself. To balance cosmic karma we do Yagya so that you can recall timely what you have studied, and this is called remedy. So how big your target is, the remedy too needs to be that big.

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