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Online Booking
You have 2 ways to book a Yagya or a service. You can book it yourself on our website. To book a Yagya or a service go to Yagya Lists or High Capacity Yagya Lists, click on selected Yagya and follow the instructions on the screen till you see a payment confirmation. You will need to register yourself during this process and at the time of checkout you will get all available options valid for you and your locations. If you are paying for Yagya, then make payment for Yagya in anyway and mail us the desired Yagya. You can change your Yagya or services anytime before it starts, and don't worry, we always will contact you before we start a Yagya / Service.

Booking via Live Chat or Telephone
When you have questions or when online booking doesn't work for you, just come on our live chat or on telephone which are available 24 hours. Our experts shall not only advise on Yagyas but will arrange everything for you including the payment. 

Immediate Payment Required
We do accept payments via credit cards, debit cards and Paypal however we prefer bank payments. Any card payment or Pay pal payment takes at least 3-4 working days before we get your amount in our hands. This is called card processing time that the banks take to process the payment and again put the amount on our bank. So even if your payment gets instantly authorized, the payment doesn't come in our hands instantly. By bank when the payment gets done it ususally arives to us faster and safer. We do Yagya with your money and therefore we insist on bank payments in urgent cases or in cases where a Yagya is scheduled with-in 7 days. 

Bank Payment / Bank Wire / Online Transfer
Bank Payment is for us preferred, safest & fastest method. You can pay the cost of Yagya on our Bank Account in your locality. It normally takes 1-2 days before your payment arrives to us. Sending Bank Wire is easy to send payment via bank. This takes 1-2 days in transaction. To encourage this method of payment we pay your transaction fees with the bank. 

For some countries you will need an invoice. We can give you an invoice in advance. 
If you want to pay in your own currency or if your Yagya starts with-in 3 days then prefer bank transfer as that reaches much faster than credit card payment. Anyway we always prefer Bank Payment as it is most secure, legitimated and faster.

Cash Deposit on Account
The easiest and fastest method is to move to any branch of our bank in your locality and deposit by cash. This is not only free but also credits your payment immediately. After registration when you check out with your order, you will be able to see our bank details on screen or come on live chat or call us 24 x 7 to collect our bank details.

Country Special Payments
We offer following payment methods if you are in that country or region:
- Chase Quick pay: In USA
- E-Mail Payment: In USA, ACH Payment (send your payment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
- Interac Payment: If you are in Canada you can pay us via Interec too
- SEPA / Direct Debit: Europe clients may pay using SEPA method or authorize us for direct debit from your account. 
- NEFT / RTGS: If you are in India you can pay us instantly via NEFT, RTGS, IMPS or Visa Card transfers.
Send your payment directly to our India office in minutes using your credit card, debit card and bank account. You pay a very low fee for that $4.50 to $20 and even you can put this fee on our side. 

Mastercard | Visa | American Express Credit & Debit cards
You can also pay us using credit or debit cards. Your payment gets immediately authorized however it takes at least 3 working days before your money arrives to us. this is called credit card processing time. Please keep in mind that even if your card gets authorized instantly, we will need your money in our hands to arrange Yagya. So keep minimum 5 working days in account when you wish to pay cards. 

Pay Pal
Pay Pal is an easy method of payment. For smaller amounts $2000 we can accept Paypal too. Please send your payment to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. quoting Yagya Codes. For heavier amounts or for questions please come on live chat if you have no other options than Pay Pal. However we prefer bank payments.  

Western Union / MoneyGram
Move to any Western Union or MoneyGram agent and send the payment. You will need our details for sending payment. Come on Live Chat or call us 24 x 7 to get these details.

Cash Payment
Send your payment directly to our India office in minutes using your credit card, debit card and bank account. You pay a very low fee for that $4.50 to $20 and even you can put this fee on our side. 

 Some Important Payment Policies:

  • All bookings & payments are final. An Order / Yagya can't be reversed. Every service must be paid full in advance.
  • We do not refund for your no show or if you don't use our service (on time)
  • If there is any error in service or in communication, then our liability is limited to provide you the same value of service with correction. 
  • In some cases when we make an exception and give you the opportunity to pay in parts or in specific period, you are bound to accomplish your commitment.    
  • Ved Bhawan adopts No Refund Policy. This means a refund, be it partial or complete, is not possible. However you have right to change  a Yagya, or a service (before it commences / starts) with-in your paid amount or with an additional payment.
  • The prices on this website are offered by Ved Bhawan International. These prices may differ from our local websites in different countries. The local websites and services in different countries are offered by our local partners in that country and do not necessarily need to match our prices, services and the facilities. Therefore if you choose to pay that price, you must pay on the bank related to that site and in local currencies. Consequently, the facilities are also to avail from them only. For example if you want to pay the price mentioned on which is specially made for people in India, then you must deposit money from an Indian bank in INR and you will get the facilities and services those are meant for Indian clients. Then you automatically choose to take distance from your legal rights of being an international client.  
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