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Ved Bhawan is a transparent organization. We have a policy to keep you informed about everything what we do for you. This is moreover necessary for a healthy member-organization relationship. Having this in mind Ved Bhawan wants that you should know in advance what we are going to do for you. Now a days when several people are doing scams on name of Yagya, it becomes necessary for us to give you some methods to verify that we really do Yagya for you. Of course we have centers and salaried Pandits so we will anyway not pay them without getting work from them. Keeping all factors in mind, we give you access to all Yagya details where you can explore all about your Yagyas. Ved Bhawan is the only organization in India or internationally that provides these facilities for Yagya. Read more

Free Member Area Access
Member Area is a private area on our website that is meant only for you. You access here using your user ID and password and explore all about your Yagyas. Here are some of the details that are to explore and that are regularly updated -

  • Detailed Yagya Schedule
  • Details of every mantra and its quantity and purpose
  • Details of every Pandits with his day-wise performances
  • Details of every ritual done in your Yagya
  • Live Messages from different Yagya Authorities
  • Reporting of your all major Yagya Activities with time and dates
  • Several other details 

Please Note:

  • In a Yagya below $1000 member area service is not provided. But you can add it by paying $150
  • User details are sent 3 working days after your (final) payment arrives. If your Yagyas starts in short notice then please allow 3 working days after Yagya start.
  • When you do Yagya on credit/installment or when some payment is overdue, the member area access is not granted but at the end when you have made all payments you get access and can still see every detail of Yagya. 

Free Mantra Relay
This is the easiest method to monitor your Yagya for some time. We connect you to Yagya Center by calling you and you listen live mantra from the Pandits at the Yagya Center. This not only gives you good feelings, and connects you to Yagya but also helps you verifying that Yagya is really being done. 

Free Physical Participation
No need to say that your presence in Yagya is more than welcome if you want it, however for us and even for you it is not necessary. Your absence or your presence does not affect more than 1% in any performance or result of Yagya. To participate in your Yagya please contact your adviser. We do not allow third Parties in your Yagya. If desired, you can also send a family member or a friend to Yagya center for your satisfaction.

Paid Video & Photo's
A video can also help you watching some important moments of your Yagya afterwards. We know that some people offer video of Yagya, but they are all in one people. This means they do cleaning, shopping, photography, cooking, chanting mantra - all together. This means less concentration, less work and full chaos. We don't do this. We believe that Pandits are meant for Yagya and not for cleaning, cooking and photography and how can they do all together at a time ?  We don't allow this circus in Yagya. So when you order a video, we will call a professional photographer who takes a 3 hour video from different moments and we can send that to you. The cost of making this video $100 needs to be paid extra. Please also note, that we call a local photographer who runs a small studio in the neighborhood of Yagya Center. It has nothing to do with the quality of video because we have not received a great quality in photography by these people so far and of course we can't call expensive photographers in this money. So you can expect an average quality but not 'Ved Bhawan Quality'.

A set of 10 photographs costs $50 extra. For quality, you can expect average or lower. 

Video Streaming
We had tried video streaming 7 years ago but the result was too bad coming 4-5 FPS video while normal speed should be 30 FPS. So we didn't accept that bad quality and we stopped. We didn't want to irritate our professional and high profile clients with bad video's of a good work. While we surf internet in Europe / US now on 120 MBPS, India is still surfing on 256 KBPS speed and that doesn't comply for streaming. So we still need to wait for that. 

However there are a few providers in India who provide hi-speed video streaming but they charge pretty high and sometimes it is more expensive than your Yagya. Nevertheless if you can afford them, we will be happy to allow that, but it should be totally your own arrangement. 

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