Rudrabhishek Yagya

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Rudra is an another name of Lord Shiva. There are 11 Lords who are called Rudra and who discharge the duties instructed by Lord Shiva. Rudra literally means something very powerful and destructive as Lord Shiva is meant for the distraction of creature but less people know that several of these 11 Rudra's are meant to discharge positive duties only. Lord Shiva has the biggest number of devotees throughout the world. Reason being that he is easy to make happy, he is believed to be the most innocent and scarifying god and he is giver of specially love, marriage, longevity, wealth, prosperity, power, victory and enlightenment. There are more than 10 yearly festivals, excluding fortnightly fasts, dedicated to Lord Shiva. The biggest one is Shivratri which is the wedding anniversary of Lord Shiva. As Durga is an another avatar of Parawati, the wise of Shiva therefore Navratri also become his favorite festivals. Lord Shiva is most prayed for saving life and is also called Mrityunjaya or Mahamrityujnjaya (one who wins death). Rudrabhishek is his biggest and most popular ceremony that takes around 4-5 hours. Rudrabhishek is done for more than 200 purposes from health to accident, from income to business and from getting married to winning a court case. Ved Bhawan combines Rudrabhishek in 7 out of 10 Yagyas for different purposes and in different ways to produce different and strong results.
Rudrabhishek Yagyas Ved Bhawan uses Rudrabhishek, with other contents, in hundreds of Yagyas for different purposes with different quantity and procedures. However one may also request to do Rudrabhishek without booking a Yagya Package. This means we will do Rudrabhishek in the requested quantity and for the requested purpose. It may be useful for example if you have desires doing this or your astrologer may have suggested this. Any Yagya that doesn't fall under our Yagya Packages like Vedic Yagyas, Daily Yagyas or High Capacity Yagyas, is called Open Yagya (OY) and is done without any guarantee of results. However we do guarantee that the performance shall be complete and error free.


Pandits preparing Rudrabhishek at Ved Bhawan