Sunday, 02 July 2017 00:00 Published in Yagya Calendar

The birthday of Lord Ganesh is called Ganesh Chaturthi and will be celebrated on 5 Sep 2016. Very auspicious day for all Yagyas.

Lord Ganesh (also incorrectly called as Ganesha) is one of the most popular Gods amongst devotees. The intelligent son of Lord Shiv and Goddess Parwati is known to eliminate obstacles of mankind, be it for marriage or for business or any any other achievement. Like his father he is also know to give success, peace, prosperity to his devotees but at the same time he is also know to bless devotees with knowledge, wisdom and wealth. the giver of wealth - Goddess Lakshmi is not worshiped without Ganesh. On 4th day of Braght fortnight of Bhadra month is his birthday and widely celebrated as birth day of Lord Ganesh.

Yagyas for these specific Purposes are recommended on/from this day:

-- For finding a suitable, desired or high profile life partner
-- For saving love and marriage
-- For removal of obstacles from love and relationship
-- For health and protection from dangers
-- For protection from enemies, government agencies and black-magic
-- For ambitious income and wealth
-- For improvement in business and business income
-- For memory, intelligence and creative power
-- For finding a suitable or desired job
-- For help in litigation and disputes
-- For enlightenment & Siddhi
-- For spiritual power, motivation & enlightenment