Tuesday, 02 January 2018 00:00 Published in Yagya Calendar

Hanuman is the Lord of Power and one of the most popular Gods amongst devotees. Hanuman is son of Lord Shiva and Pawan (Air) and is extremely powerful when it comes for your protection from enemies, criminals, black magic, spells and for victory on evil elements and enemies. Hanuman was a devotee of Lord Ram and remained always on his duty. The Birthday of Hanuman is being celebrated on 31 March 2018. Do Yagyas today for the following purposes:

-- For good health and prevention of health problems
-- For Saving form dangers, evils and ghosts
-- For help in dangers from enemies
-- For help in dangers from black magic or spells
-- For help in Akaal Mrityu (unnatural / immature death)
-- For help in preventing an arrest
-- For help in problems from government agencies
-- For help or victory in court cases
-- For strength and confidence
-- For help in spiritual motivation of children
-- For ambitious income
-- For improving business
-- For family welfare and peace
-- For success & prosperity in life
-- For spiritual power, motivation & enlightenment