Tuesday, 02 January 2018 00:00 Published in Yagya Calendar

Holi is one of the most popular Hindu & Vedic Festivals and is being celebrated this year on  1-2 March 2018. It is the New Year's day and has been being celebrated since Vedic Era. According to Vedic Astrology system the new month Chaitra begins today which is the first month of the year. All Vedic / Hindu festivals are celebrated according to Vedic Year and Astrological month system and not according to Julian Calendar. Hence this day is of very much importance for spiritual community. This new year's day is celebrated with color and joy from the very beginning as Lord Ram and Lord Krishna too, besides Lord Shiva, are scripted to have celebrated this day setting an example. Very auspicious day for all kinds of Yagyas such as:

-- For good health and prevention of health problems
-- For Saving form dangers, evils and ghosts
-- For getting married specially in difficult situations
-- For finding a suitable life partner
-- For saving love or marriage
-- For good communication, for understandings & harmony in marital life
-- For help or victory in court cases
-- For help in spiritual motivation of children
-- For ambitious income
-- For improving business
-- For family welfare and peace
-- For good relation with family and friends
-- For help in winning business contracts
-- For good atmosphere at business or work
-- For success & prosperity in life
-- For spiritual power, motivation & enlightenment

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