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What is Yagya Recommendation ?
In a Yagya Recommendation the astrologer analyses your horoscope for coming 3 years and keeping your questions, problems and desires in mind, recommends the appropriate Yagyas those are required or useful for you. He will also explain you the auspicious time to start Yagya, the number of Pandits and days and the costs and can also help you if you want to book Yagyas immediately. In a Yagya Recommendation no predictions are made. If you want predictions too, then book a consultation because that also includes Yagya Recommendation at no extra cost. Yagya Recommendations are made for immediate execution. So if you want to do Yagya after 2 months, then don't come now but come 1-2 weeks before you want it to start and when you have your funds ready to fiance it. Also don't come for Yagya Recommendation if you can't pay Yagya or if you don't have funds to book them now. This can mark you red as non-serious client which means you will be barred from availing our services. However if you have less fund but you need Yagya, then discuss your situation with the adviser and he would strive to help you in most cases. We anyway don't do Yagya for free or on credit. But if you think you can pay a Yagya in part, you may come and discuss it with the consultants.

A Yagya Recommendation costs $150 and can be booked here.
A detailed Yagya Recommendation in email is always a paid service and takes up to 3 days.
This service is however free of cost on Live Chat or on Telephone. 
To promote Yagya and spiritual activities Ved Bhawan offers Yagya Recommendations Free of costs to potential clients. However considering the genuineness, our advisers may ask you to pay a Recommendation Fee; and if you are asked for, you will need to pay it first. Anyway if you pay this fee, it gets adjusted in Yagya Price if you book Yagya with-in 1 month. This fee is otherwise non-refundable. If you have anyway managed to get a Free Recommendation and we have later discovered that you have misused our work or time, we may still ask you to pay the Recommendation Fee.  

Free Yagya Recommendation | Live Chat | 24 x 7 
Come on our Live Chat to get a Free Yagya Recommendation. Please note that you can get only 1 time free recommendation. You won't get second chance for this (members get mostly Free Recommendation). So call only when you are willing to do Yagya with us and have funds ready to book and do Yagya. No predictions are made in a Yagya Recommendation.

Free Yagya Recommendation | Telephone | 24 x 7
Call us any day, any time on the number in your region to get a Free Yagya Recommendation. Please note that you can get only 1 times free recommendation. So call only when you are willing to do Yagya with us and have funds to do Yagya. No predictions are made in a Yagya Recommendation. 

International: +1 646 480 9003

USA 646 480 9003   INDIA 011 5610 3700
CANADA 514 600 0056   MALAYSIA 03 8988 5035
UK 020 8133 5343                                 SINGAPORE 03 157 3453
GERMANY 069 5780 1942   JAPAN 03 4578 1660
FRANCE 01 8488 8778   CHINA 0105904 5225
ITALY 06 9480 1331   RUSSIA 0499 918 3140
NETHERLANDS 070 250 0102   BRAZIL 011 3042 2243
SWITZERLAND 044 586 1415   ARGENTINA 011 5258 2340
SPAIN 09 1198 0240   MEXICO 055 4170 3599
AUSTRIA 07 2077 5068   SOUTH AFRICA 021 813 6501
AUSTRALIA 02 8006 5100   NEW ZEALAND 09 887 3301

Yagya Recommendation | E-Mail
To have a Yagya Recommendation in E-Mail, first, please pay the recommendation fee here.
Then fill up this Yagya Recommendation Request Form
Once both has been received, you will received a detailed Yagya Recommendation in your email with-in 3 days. If you don't receive that in this time, there is something wrong, then please call us.

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