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Targeted High Capacity Yagyas™ Featured

Written by  Friday, 17 January 2014 03:08

Targeted High Capacity Yagya™ is a High Capacity Yagya that is performed continuously till you achieve your target. In a High Capacity Yagya we do all the contents one off and it is completed in 15 to 101 days depending on what you have booked. However there are certain situations when the targets are very far or very uncertain or complex. In that case we do continuous Yagya till you achieve success.

In a Targeted HC Yagya your need to declare a value of your target. You pay 6% of your target and we do Yagya till you say that you became successful. For other purposes those do not have a money value, there is fixed certain amount that you will need to pay. This is the cost of 1 year. In Targeted HC Yagyas we customize your Yagya every month as per your changing situations to make sure that you always get best results. We aim that you achieve your target in a year, therefore we take 6% from you to cover the cost. But if it takes longer, Ved Bhawan does it at own expenses for next one year. In case if your target is not to define by money (for example health, love, spiritual purposes), then you pay $20,000, the cost of 1 Year HC Yagya as per your desires and requirements. There is a minimum amount to start a Targeted High Capacity Yagya and must be paid upfront. However in exceptional cases our account department can approve this cost to pay in 4-5 monthly terms if you have limited financial possibilities. The size of this Yagya, number of Pandits and Mantra's vary according to your target.

Example 1:
Targeted High Capacity Yagya can can be done for success in making a film. This type of businesses take longer time and involve much work, team work and performances which keep changing. The success is uncertain and destination is far. Even the scenario's change every month. Then you don't know how big and how long a High Capacity Yagyas should be performed. In this case we do High Capacity Yagya for you till achieve success. In this case you will need to declare a budget of your movie and you will need to contribute 6% of your budget on Yagya.. By this amount we will do your Yagya for 1 Year or even longer till you get success. You may also pay this amount spread in 4-5 months if you have limited financial possibilities. It is however subject to approval of account department.

Example 2:
You are having a business that has a poor turnover of $100,000 a year. You deserve much more but business doesn't pick up. Then we can do a Targeted High Capacity Yagya for you. Here you can put a target up to 5 times than today's revenue.

Example 3:
You want to sell a property that is being difficult to sell. We do Yagya for you till you are successful.

Example 4:
You have multiple problems are desires without material worth, such as severe and long going health issues, spiritual practices, Harmony in love life or harmony at work or litigation. In this case you can do targeted Yagyas for 1 or more problems and desires till they get resolved.

Features of Targeted High Capacity Yagyas

  • High Volume Success
  • Good for long-going problems
  • Auto-acceleration
  • Yagya till you get success (max 2 years)
  • Just pay 6% of your target
  • Customized every month as per your changing scenarios
  • Good for High Profile Professionals such as Musicians, Artists, Doctors, Architects, Advocates and Self-Employed
  • For help in multiple problems
  • For help in matter of businesses and companies


  • 6% of your target
  • There is a minimum required amount ($20,000) to do Targeted High Capacity Yagya
  • You can pay it in up to 5 Monthly terms if our account department approves you

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