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Ved Bhawan's Yagyas are packaged under Yagya Codes. Every Yagya corresponds to a Yagya Code which is a package of 1 to 3 Yagyas in Standard Yagyas and 5 to 25 in High Capacity Yagyas. 1 Yagya code denotes 1 problem and under this Yagya Package we put most important or all known rituals and mantras for this purpose. Ved Bhawan doesn't want to make its members too optimistic. So we want you to remain on ground and being realistic while selecting Yagyas. Here are some tips that will make your concept clear about Yagya and help you determining what you should select.

Big Yagya or small one ?
Yagya is a remedy and remedy only works for the objective. So for example if you have taken medicine of headache, that will anyway not help you in diarrhea. Therefore select a Yagya that is closest to your purpose and do not expect more than what we write there. The Yagya lists are created and maintained by a group of 40 Yagya Professors and 20 Astrology Professors. They have spent time on it since 1997 and have done a lot of researches before they have assembled these Yagyas. Moreover the lists are also revised and edited every year based on your feedback. They have taken care of every word mentioned in Yagya Lists. So select appropriate Yagya which is also sufficient for your purpose. Selecting smaller Yagya for bigger problems can save little money but will be too small to help in this situation. However if you select bigger Yagya even by mistake, it is always good and covers your purpose. There is no system of overdose in Yagya. when you do more, you get more.

Some people may argue, that God is one and if he becomes happy even with small prayers. Then why would you do so much to get big prayers. We make then your concept clear. Praying God is devotion which aims or gets no return. And if there was any return, 98% of people pray God, why they are unhappy. It is actually your good and bad Karma that results in success and failures. By doing Yagya we mechanically increase your good karma which you would have taken perhaps 10 years to generate by doing good deeds. This increment in your good karma results in instant success or a remedy. God has kept this world driven by Karma. He is like a judge, who will not break his laws of karma even if you make him happy by your devotion. In other words if making god happy would resolve all issues then nobody would do anything else then praying God. Praying God is our duty to thank him but in materialistic life, all that works is your material and cosmic karma's. Material Karma, for example study, do it yourself. To balance cosmic karma we do Yagya so that you can recall timely what you have studied, and this is called remedy. So how big your target is, the remedy too needs to be that big.

Standard Yagyas, Daily Yagyas or High Capacity Yagyas ?
Standard Yagyas those begin with VY, are the regular Yagyas that you choose for a serious purpose or desire. These Yagyas are good for average people who do not have an ambition and are settled as lower-middle class or middle class family. A clerk in an office, a teacher, a motor mechanic or a small vendor falls under this category. In financial interpretations, people who annually earn up to $60,000 in US / Canada / Australia, Eur 40,000 in Europe and Rs. 250,000 in India are called average. Our Standard Yagyas are suitable for their requirements. 

For anyone else who has an ambition or target or intention that crosses this limit, needs a High Capacity Yagya. High Capacity Yagyas are also required by average people when their purposes go high. For example, if you need help in severe accident or if you need help to prevent arrest or if you wish to get selected for a high paid job - in all these cases you need High Capacity Yagya even if you earn $1000 per year. At the same time a film maker would always need High Capacity Yagya because his requirements are always high.

Hence, selecting a Yagya needs to have 2 things in consideration - What you want ? And who you are ?   There are also some other situations where you need High Capacity Yagyas ir-respectived to the your group you belong to, such as -

  • When you need Very Fast / Immediate results or protection
  • In medical / health emergency
  • For protection from bigger danger>>
  • For protection or nature support for a continuous period
  • To prevent an arrest or danger / big loss by government agency
  • When protection / help is required for more than one person
  • When Yagya needs to work for more than 1 people
  • When you desire to arrange / gain 5 times more money than you earn
  • When your desire / business is worth US $50,000 and more
  • When you need all your planets in harmony for 3 years
  • When our repeated Standard Yagya didn't help sufficiently
  • When you have more complaints in one area of life
  • When Yagya needs to influence more people in your favor
  • When repeated problems are being expected

Daily Yagyas (DY) can be selected when don't need an explosive result but you need support for long time. Think of having a long running business or a chronic illness or spiritual practices. These are non-ending topics and need continuous support. If you need medium level support, do Daily Yagyas but if you need High level support then do High Capacity Daily Yagyas. Please note, that Daily Yagyas are not meant for immediate help for example in accident or sudden problems. It needs to be done 2-3 months before you start getting results.

Doing Puja, Homa & Saving Money
No, that's not the right way. Puja or Homa are small parts of Yagyas. Doing them is just like buying a tyre of car. It is cheap and easy but it brings you nowhere except that you have sponsored some devotional activities.  

Shared Yagya ?
No this is not a remedy. It is exactly like sleeping at railways station in dormitory. It gives less comfort and more worries. Have you seen someone being operated on shared operation table ? Remedy or treatment can't be rendered on shared basis, everyone has his own character, own symptoms and own needs. So the Yagya too needs to be individually customized. 

Why VY110A / HC510 is Mandatory ? | Are Yagyas for Planets enough ?
Please note that doing yagya for a planet is just to rectify the influences of Planets. The function of these Yagyas is to filter negative energies from the planets and to boost positive planets. A negative planet can trouble you in health, finance, business, marriage or for anything. However planets were responsible for these problems but rectifying planets will not solve your problems automatically. For this you need to work yourself and have Supporting Intentional Yagyas for the purposes.

Example: Suppose, You had attack of viruses on your computer and your Hard Drive is now curupt. You buy an anti-virus program and remove viruses. Now your computer is virus free, but the lost data and hard drive is not automatically recovered. You must arrange it yourself to recover it. For this you get a service of data recovery.

In this example, virus is a negative planet, Anti-virus is Yagya for Planet, data-loss is your problem as consequence due to wrong planets and data recovery service is the Yagya for help in problems or desires. The conclusion is that Planetary Yagya is essential to live protected life but it is not itself a remedy of any problem. Its work is limited to rectify the planets. And of course having it in advance exactly means having an anti-virus installed on your computer. This prevents that you allow your negative planets to harm and obstruct you.

Why do I need several / Separate Yagyas for my purposes ?
Like a medicine that works for a particular purpose and doesn't work for other, the Yagya also works for specified purpose only. There is no such medicine or such Yagya that can heal all your problems at once. At the same time taking medicine is no guarantee that the problems will not arise in future. It depends on your vulnerability. If you are un-protected, you may again be attacked and will again need the remedy. So the best way is to do your home work, identify the problems, make a priority and then do Yagya. Also remain protected from next or other problems. Getting remedy in beginning assures less expenses and more success. And remember, the problems will never consider your budget and will never ask you if you are ready to deal with them. So when you need it, you should get it, whatever it takes. 

Can I do it later ?
Everybody wants some time to prepare but sometimes problems require to be dealt immediately or else you increase the problems and dangers. Ved Bhawan has not its own opinion in this. You can decide yourself when you want to get remedy but how early that better. Catching a good muhurta is recommended and much more effective. Money you can get later too but you can't reverse the time. Therefore, as long as you can manage, do it at first possible time.  

Is Yagya Recommendation required ?
Not really. The Yagya Recommendation was required before to determine which planets are playing role in your problems or desires. Since we do all 9 Planets together since 2007, based on your recommendation of our Astrology Professors, a Yagya Recommendation becomes un-necessary. The Yagyas for all 9 Planets gives you a balanced year for all planets otherwise you will keep doing Yagyas for planets every 2-3 months without having any consistency. So we recommend doing Yagya for all 9 Planets. For your intentions, problems and desires we have 1700 other Yagyas and High Capacity Yagyas and you will do the same Yagya whether you choose yourself or a Yagya Expert chooses it for you. To give you complete independence, we have very clear Yagya Lists and purposes mentioned in it. Anyway, before starting your Yagya, our astrologer checks your horoscope as part of Yagya Process and makes sure that you have chances to get success. If there is some negative conclusion we will automatically disapprove the Yagya and get another options.

Having said all this, if you still prefer to have a Yagya Recommendation, you can get it Free in most cases on telephone or on live chat. If you still want to do selected Planetary Yagyas, you can pick any of them from Yagya Lists.

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