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Legitimated Organization
Unlikely to several of our follower Pandits and organizations, we exist too. In India a majority of practices are done without a legal status and even on papers. Ved Bhawan has its physical addresses and registrations in India and abroad. Experienced people know how hard it is to find a traceless person or a person / organization without such legal status. You can't do anything against him as he / it simply doesn't exist. We invite you to check our registration and status on Government of India Website of Industrial Ministry. Please go to this link and search for VED BHAWAN. And when you have checked us, check other Yagya people too.

International Existence and Reputation
By joining Ved Bhawan you get access to an organization that is always in your neighborhood. This gives you more confidence then sending your hard-earned money to Antarctica which  knows No return-path. Not only this, you can interact with our scholars personally in your city without having traveled to India. You have moreover several other facilities that you can  enjoy with us but not with others.

Team work
At Ved Bhawan we work in team. This means people have their job-responsibilities and as per their qualification and they do it in a team spirit. One man shows may be very qualifying and handsome but errors are only diagnosed and rectified only when more scholars join together. At the same time, we don't make Pandits but we select the gems from our society and pass their knowledge for your benefits. Of course we train them and examine them each time they perform in the team work. Of course you may have a good doctor but when it comes to an operation you would definitely go for a hospital.

Scholars at work
You see the foto's of Yagya and you see several people in red-yellow cloths and you believe they are Pandits. In fact these photos can be made everyday if you distribute just free cloths and a couple of bucks. India has great un-employment rate. Did any organization identified all the Participating Pandits with his name ? We do. If someone can collect 10 Pandits then he can also make an organization. We have a system. We recruit Pandits regularly as per their qualifications and only they are trained and permitted to participate in Yagya. There degrees, ID's and CV's are duly collected and stored and we identify each Pandit by his own qualification and name. For us it is more important that a person is qualified enough to do Yagya and we don't just puck someone and put red-yellow cloths on him to make photos to please you like several people do. Every of our Yagya centers has at least 1 Head Pandit, 3 Astrologers, 1 Manager, 1 Yagya Co-Ordinator and 1 Observer. All make sure that your Yagya gets performed how it has been promised.

Cheapest Price
At Ved Bhawan you have guarantee of cheapest price. We can beat anyone for price and we can offer you always 75% less than a genuine quote. Just get your quote from other people and do Yagya with us cheaper. You also need to be very smart while playing with numbers. there is no certain industry standard for Yagyas like Cat A or B or C or Royal Yagyas.So if we give you Cat A Yagya then it means you have 3 heavy things while other people can offer you a small puja for $551 calling it Cat A Yagya which is not even a job of 3 hours or of $20. So don't go on name and category but compare the contents, the qualifications of the performers and above all that the things really get done correctly and in full quantity.   

Pay later / in installments
We trust you and we try to help you. Therefore in some cases you can pay a part of Yagya cost later or in maximum 4 monthly terms. This helps people who badly need remedy but have limited resources to pay at a time.

Pay Legitiem
Paying to legitimated organization assures service and safety. This means that the organization is obliged to give service. Think good before you send your money for example by Pay Pal. Pay pal never helps in these types of payments. So we aware and caution beforehand. You rely on company, not on Pay Pal. Better pay by bank as in India an un-legitimated organization doesn't get a bank account. So in this way you are 50% assured that the organization exists. Don't pay to person and never use Western union for this.

Professors interviewing Yagya Pandit Candidate Professors interviewing Yagya Pandit Candidate

One price for everyone
We have one price for everyone whether your are rich or poor. We show all our prices in advance and we do big Yagyas at very small and affordable cost. But because we do Yagyas, we have actual costs too and therefore we can't give a Yagya for $1 which means that you just pay for charity without a return. at the same time we also don't request anyone to pay millions of Dollars for a shared Yagya for World Peace. Shared Yagyas are good for charity but nor for purpose. As we haven't seen any benefit so far. The world is still peace-less even loosing millions of Dollars making 1 person rich.

Value of money
The way how things work in US / Europe and in India, is different. In Europe we have learnt to give the service the person has paid for. But in India you need to run behind the person to get your service. It is very normal in developing countries and Pandits too are not un-effected. Our Pandits have been trained to do their jobs timely and efficiently and we still cross check each time and everyone. This facility will not be seen elsewhere.

All Payment Methods accepted
You can pay us in any method such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Google Checkout, Pay Pal, Local Banks, Western Union, Cheques and Cash Collection. You have ease of payment and due to efficient accounting your payment gets with-in 24 hours updated. In many cases you can enjoy our services even in 5 minutes after making payment. Even we can start your Yagya upon produce of payment evidence,

Some Yagyas, only we do
Ved Bhawan does Yagyas through its more than 3000 salaried or contracted Pandits. A big number of Pandits helps us doing Yagyas on Higher level. Ved Bhawan's system of High Capacity Yagyas is very unique and popular. Here we deploy even hundreds of Pandits to make a big project possible. No one else does this type of Yagya. Don't get misguided by royal Yagyas of others. It may however be bigger Yagya than our Cat A Yagyas but it is not even 20% of our High Capacity Yagyas.

Transparency | All informed
Through a password protected secure member area we give you the facility to follow up your Yagya and monitor daily performances, schedule, attendances and contents of Yagyas 24 x 7 on our website. We believe in European / American System of business that we show you what we do. In India it is not usual and that you will mark with other people. You will not even know what they did and how much.

Guarantee of Correct Performance
Ved Bhawan guarantees that you get everything done correctly and fully whatever and however it has been promised to you. No any factor like busy period, seasonal irregularities, costs etcs can affect your Yagya.

Cross Check of Performances
Ved Bhawan is the only organization that keeps the Pandits in discipline and in organized way. It has methodes and techniques to make sure that everything is being done in right quantity and in correct method. Each scholar is checked in every performance to make sure that every Yagya goes well performed. Cross-check in a country like India and the professionals like Pandits, is very much required. Here the system doesn't work automatically.

Only we do Yagyas for Indians
To make sure whom you would choose for Yagya ask an Indian. An Indian is well - aware of Yagya terms and contents and can easily justify who is genuine. Ved Bhawan is proud that it is the only organization where Indians in India and abroad trust and do their Yagyas. All others are made for foreigners only. Hardly an Indian goes to other people.

Easy & Accessible 24 x 7
We serve 6 zones of the world 24 x 7 through our Selected Astrologers, Pandits, Yagya Consultants and Support Executives. Call us on our telephone number in your locality and our consultants will be happy to help you. Locate the telephone numbers on Contact Page. Our Selected Scholar Astrologers, Pandits and Yagya Consultations are available on 24 x 7 to help you in faster way when you need us. It is our Private & Secure Live Chat where you can discuss your concerns without any worry. Ved Bhawan is only organization that helps you on own Live Chat that works too and that never goes offline. This Live Chat system is only for Serious services and not for fun or freebies.

Fast communication
With Ved Bhawan you can be sure that your emails are answered in minutes. Most of the Yagya People depend on Cyber Cafe to drive their business and they check and reply the emails when they have possibility to check the mails. Mind you, being an IT country, India has hardly 6 hours daily electricity and still 128KB/Sec internet Speed (in 2011). Therefore our Service Centers operate from US, Europe and other countries out of India and make sure to maintain rapid and efficient communication.

Fulfillment of obligations
Being an establishment in European & American Countries, we also carry obligations towards the public and the governments and we duly dispose off that too. Remember, discipline makes you professional. Do you believe that our duplicators who don't fulfil their obligations like registering company and paying taxes and salaries to Pandits, will do your Yagya in discipline ?

Privacy protection
We respect your Privacy as per European standard of Privacy Protection. This means we don't share your details even with your partner without your consent. We do not make your personal details open to public (except some obligatory situation) and we don't share this with any company / organization as far as we have no obligation. We keep your details in secure and encrypted method and destroy them after 7 years.

Fool-proof technology
"To err is human." Men can always make mistake. Now the question is, how these mistakes are dealt with. We show you what we do for you. We do cross-checks of performances by Head Pandits and Observers. Individual Pandits can't do this for you. First of all they don't realize where is error, because there is one boss and his knowledge is first & final. At Ved Bhawan you always have a team of Scholars and they find out any mistake if happens. Not only this, if anything happened in error, we guarantee you to tell you and do that once again at no extra cost. However, we plan everything on paper to avoid any error why all other people do everything by head and by mind.

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