New Year Yagya 2018

Yagya for New Year 2018 (Yagya Code: VY2018)
Ved Bhawan does New Year Yagya 2018 which is a package of different Yagyas that takes care of your whole year 2018. In this Yagya, depending on which you choose, we take care that your health, your finances, your income, job, profession and love - all these get protected for a year. This all inclusive Yagya costs USD 2900 and shall be done in 21 days by 21 Pandits in a half-day schedule.
EUR 2,458
Type: (VY) Vedic Yagya
Power: **
Effective for: 1 Year
Yagya Hours: 1550
Live Mantra Relay: Free on Request
Yagya Monitoring Facility: Free of Cost
Post-Yagya Consult: Free (Bonus)
Member Discount: 10% on all next Yagyas